Grow Jobs for Knox Now!
Why should you care about what happens at Midway Road? It's our future!

Is spending tens of millions to build a speculative business park with no prospects at Midway Road really the best use of our economic development tax dollar? There is a better alternative!

The more the public learns about the Midway project, the less support there is for TDC's plan. After discovering the details, some are questioning whether developing the Midway property will really bring QUALITY jobs as promised, and how far in the future those jobs might come.

Should we bet our FUTURE on it?

We can recover the money that has already been spent on Midway and use it for economic development activities that will grow jobs for Knox now!

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The Midway project has already cost millions of tax dollars and will cost additional tens of millions more before we will ever see any jobs.

The Midway project is not likely to create any new jobs for many years and may never attract the first tenant who can meet the qualifications for locating there.

There are hundreds of acres of vacant land available in both East and West Knox County, and the jobs promised for those similar projects have never materialized.

There are valid concerns about whether the site will attract a high quality tenant given the many shortcomings such as no sewer system and the lack of supporting businesses nearby.

Paving over farmland and developing new infrastructure on the rural fringe of Knox County encourages sprawl and wastes our investment in already developed areas.

The Midway Road property just isn't suited for development. The property is riddled with sinkholes and has a significant amount of steep slopes that can't be developed.

Times have changed and building business parks on greenfields just doesn't make sense when we can get more bang for our economic development buck investing in other ways.

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